Welcome to the Verging on Stupid podcast. Hosted by 2 soon to be new dads who are teetering on the edge of being completely incompetent. We will be addressing the highs and lows of fatherhood which hopefully brings plenty of laughter, some realisations, and a hint of reassurance. Week by week we will be taking you on our journey as first times dads and discussing the things you need to know and probably some things you wish you didn’t.

What Is This Website For?

We will be adding blog posts here relating to our podcast episodes, as well as other posts all regarding fatherhood and parenting. This will be a safe place for all dads and we encourage your participation.

We will be aiming to discuss and dissect what it means to become first time dads along with sharing our experiences with the high’s and low’s of fatherhood.

Who Are We?

Imagine two useless people being given a job the are completely under qualified for. Now imagine them sharing their fears and trepidation’s to a bunch of people they have never met. Imagine being so useless that you had to google how to spell trepidation for the previous sentence.

We are two friends being thrown into the deep end of fatherhood.


I am 30 years old from Manchester, England. A first-time dad to Penelope and partner of a very patient Shannan. We have lived together for over 2 years, been partners for over 4 years and we have never been happier to be parents!

I am using our podcast and blog to share my experience of being a first time dad, in hope that at least one person who sees or hears, will realise that they aren’t the only one who doesn’t know what they are doing!


How the hell do you write one if these without it sounding like a dating profile? Andrew, Manchester, 29, 6ft, Brown eyes .. wait no.

I agreed to this because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and i know there’s plenty of other that think the same. Hopefully us all chatting s**t together will put people at ease a bit (me included).

Me, Zoe & our dog Paddy are expecting our first child (girl) in October and if I can combine raising a little one with listening to music, watching movies/football and gaming then I think I will count myself a very lucky guy.