I’m not going to go into a biology spew on this, but when women have babies in them, one of the side effects is that they start having strange/stranger dreams. Call it what you may, I just call them a baby dream.

For anyone that listened to episode 1, you might remember me saying how Zoe has immensely vivid dreams.

Well let me tell you. These two things make for a hell of a combination.

Zoe’s told me too many dreams to remember and the majority of the time the only response I manage to conjure is either:

  1. How do you come up with this S%#T.
  2. WTF have you been smoking.
  3. Zoe. Its way to early to try and wrap my head around this.

I (Kind of) know that dreams are a subconscious way of merging real world events, things weighing on your mind, and most importantly in this case…a F()@K ton of hormones. So I thought id try something different this time and (try to) analyse the latest instalment.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you ‘ A completely average dream ‘ . Well for Zoe anyway.

DISCLAIMER – If you think this is hard to understand. Try doing it at 6AM on 5 hours sleep.

The Dream Background

Paddy = Our dog

Luna = My sisters dog

Fake Paddy = Made up dog

Mystery dog = Mystery dog?

Andy = Me

Zoe = Me ole ball n chain / The person that owns the dream

In the dream we live near a beach and Zoe dreamt she had to sign a permission form earlier to allow people to come and clean our house for free ( like kind of a ‘you wont even know we were here kind of service’ ) (Her words. Not mine.) .

The Dream

There were 2 dogs. One of them was Paddy and the other was ‘fake Paddy‘ that looked exactly like him and acted exactly like him.

We took Luna and Paddy on a walk to a dog park and they were play fighting way ahead of us. ‘fake Paddy‘ comes across to us and he’s so lovely and Zoe falls in love with him.

Fake Paddy‘ goes over to real Paddy and Luna and starts to play with them.

I get really scarred because I thought he was going to be really nasty and didn’t want them to play together. Never the less they all start playing together and Zoe is saying

‘no its fine he’s just like Paddy’.

Then Zoe see’s ‘fake Paddy‘ carrying a clump of fur that looks exactly like real Paddy’s fur and Zoe is like

‘oh no’,

 so we run over and everyone is fine and they are all just playing with a load of fur on the grass. But there’s now another dog (Mystery dog) which is like a Pitbull/Bulldog and we were worried that this dog was going to be nasty.

For some reason Luna, ‘fake Paddy‘ and mystery dog can now shape shift into different breeds. So we decide to head back home. On the way back, there were lots of boats appearing at sea. There were men on the boats all armed with bows and arrows so we were like

‘Oh S%#T! we are all going to be attacked, we need to get back home’.

Zoe decided she wanted to keep ‘fake Paddy‘ and I was telling her no we aren’t keeping him. So the entire way back Zoe was trying to plead her case. We eventually get back home and all 4 dogs are in the garden.

Real Paddy, ‘fake Paddy’, Luna and Mystery dog are all play fighting in the back garden. We start to panic again that we are going to be attacked by the men on the boats. So we decide to get the dogs in the house, but by this point all the dogs except real Paddy had turned into different breeds so we don’t know who is who.

Mystery dog decides that he wants to get nasty, so we want all the dogs except mystery dog in the house with us.

We managed to get real Paddy in the house first. Then we are left with Luna who is normally a German Shepherd, ‘Fake Paddy‘ who is normally a Golden Retriever, and Mystery dog that we don’t know what breed he is normally anyway.

Luna for some reason just goes out of the picture and is no longer in the dream, but how do we know which one is which? ‘Fake Paddy‘ then turns back into a Golden Retriever and tries to get in the house but Mystery dog is trying to get in too and we are still panicking. Eventually we get ‘fake Paddy‘ in and Mystery dog goes away.

I lock the back doors but then Zoe notices her mum is outside doing the washing, so Zoe shouts at her like

‘What are you doing! We are going to get attacked! You need to get in the house now!’

And Zoe’s mum just says

‘Wait just let me finish what I’m doing first for god sake’

and proceeds to take the washing down from the washing line and slowly make her way inside like she’s not about to be killed by a fleet of boats with men armed with bows and arrows (Again. Zoe’s words. Not Mine.).

So we are all in the house and we are looking at some blueprints of the house that serve the same purpose as the marauder’s map from Harry Potter (you can see everyone in your house moving as they are in real time), but the blue prints are just full of mice. Mice are running everywhere all over the house but we cant actually see them. Then they leave through the drain pipes.

Turns out they were the cleaning service Zoe had signed for earlier on in the day. Then all the boats leave with the mice and Zoe wakes up.

 Aaaaaand scene.

If you still don’t think Pregnancy dreams are a thing after that. I don’t know what I can do to convince you otherwise. But Iv been thinking about this all day and its actually quite amusing to me how Zoe has pieced these things together.

Thinking about it

Now I can’t piece everything. But there’s a surprising amount of real world in what was seemingly a ridiculous dream and Zoe didn’t realise it because the dream was her own.

  • Luna is in the dream because she is going to start coming over to our house more often for playdates. They will playfight together.
  • ‘Fake Paddy’ is in the dream because we recently took real Paddy to the groomers for the first time in months (because of Corona Virus Lockdown) and he came out literally like a newer version of himself.
  • Shapeshifting. We re-watched the Incredibles 2 last week and one of Jac Jac’s powers is shapeshifting.
  • Men with bows and arrows on boats. Two of my favourite programmes are Vikings and The last Kingdom. Zoe pretends like she doesn’t watch them when they are on but secretly she enjoys them. Both have recent episodes with Vikings on boats with bows and arrows.
  • The Little Scurrying mice that clean the house. I bought a cheap Roomba (that I may review at some point) and it goes around the house cleaning up ‘Like nobody’s even there’.
  • The blueprints like the Marauder’s map. Two things here. For the Marauder’s map part, we are currently Re-reading the Harry Potter books each night to the baby (To get her used to our voices. Its a thing, we’ve been told my every midwife to do so.). For the blueprint part, we are constantly looking on Rightmove at the moment and always look at how we would change the floorplans.
  • Zoe’s mum getting the washing in is because every time we go round, that’s what she’s doing.

Can You Do Better?

Me and Zoe are complete opposites on this one. As iv mentioned in the podcast along the way, I cannot remember any dream I ever have and judging on that mess above….I still think I’m the one better off for it. If you think you can beat that story. Be my guest, or at the very least tweet us!