In this episode we discussed a variety of old wives tales to see if it was possible to guess the gender of our babies. Some of the old wives tales are completely odd, whereas some can have some science behind them.

How To Get Pregnant

According to Old Wives Tales if you wear socks to bed you are more likely to get pregnant. Socks in bed will increase the circulation in your feet as long as they aren’t tight. But we don’t believe that this is going to help you get pregnant. But it’s not going to hurt to try it!

Another thing said to help get you pregnant is to plant a rosemary bush. They say you should plant your seed .. but this is taking it to another level.

Could You Be Pregnant?

The following old wives tales can help you identify if you are pregnant. Usually people just use a pregnancy test which, these days, are very accurate. But what if you couldn’t get a test? Then look no further!

If someone in your family dreams of fish: Now I’m not sure what conversations go on when you phone your family but I’m pretty sure dreams are not on the list. And if you do dream of fish, you are going to make sure you don’t let anyone know.

If you burn a pan of chilli: This is something that you would do without being pregnant, but our very own Andy did burn a pan of chilli when he and Zoe fell pregnant. Does that mean there could be something in this? I doubt it. I blame his cheap pans!

If you dream of a raised fist: Again, another dream scenario. It’s a strange thing to dream about, and even more strange to remember when you wake up. If you dream of a raised fist and fish then you better buy a cot quickly!

If a lizard falls on you: Now, where we live in England, there aren’t many lizards knocking about. So if that did happen, I would have more questions than if I were pregnant or not. But according to old wives tales, this is a good sign that you are going to be having a baby. I can be fairly certain that this is rubbish.

If you’re clumsier than usual: Now there is some truth to this. My girlfriend definitely became a lot more clumsy when she was pregnant. Possible because she was slightly off balance due to the human growing in her stomach. So if you are clumsier and you haven’t had a pregnancy test, I’d be getting yourself out to buy one!

An Interesting Pregnancy Story

During the American Civil War, a young soldier was hit with a bullet during combat which is obviously a regular occurrence during war, expect for the fact he was shot in his scrotum and his testicle went missing. Shortly after a 17-year-old was found to have been hit by a bullet not so far by which passed into her abdomen. 278 days later, she gave birth to a healthy 8lb boy. Three weeks later, a doctor operated on the baby and removed a miniball, the same one that had injured the young soldier. The story suggests that they agreed to meet, fell in love, and had 3 more children.

This story may not be true … but the chance of the baby being yours .. is a lot more likely!

Finding Out Your Babies Gender

So you now know you are pregnant because you noticed one of the old wives tales above had happened to you. But now you want to know the gender without having the almost certain scan. The following old wives tales can be used to decipher the gender of your baby, although if numerous apply, they could just confuse you even more.

Have you experienced morning sickness?: If you experience morning sickness, which apparently is pretty common, then you are having a girl. This is very true for me. Shannan had severe morning sickness during early pregnancy and we had a girl. So this may have some truth to it.

Have you dreamt about a baby?: If you have had a dream about your baby before it is born you would of thought that the gender of your baby is the same as the one in your dream. But old wives tales suggest that the gender of your baby will be in fact opposite to the one you have dreamt about. Interesting .. So girls .. remember your dreams!

Do you have lot of food cravings?: If you are craving a lot then old wives suggest you are having a girl. If you do not have a lot of cravings (which will be odd, why not just say you have cravings to get endless amounts of chocolate and sweets?) then it’s suggested you will be having a boy. Not sure if there is any truth here or in fact in any of these old wives tales.


So there we have it. Some old wives tales that I would suggest you ignore! If you have any more then please comment them below and I will be sure to add them to the list.

Also if any of these hold any truth and you have experienced a falling lizard, I need to know!

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Thanks and bye for now!