It’s 2020 .. the year where everything seems to be going wrong. Covid-19 has taken over the world and has made the way we live our lives change from day to day. Shopping becomes something you only do out of pure necessity, exercise is the only way we get to see the outside world & you see the ‘your TV will turn off in 5 minutes’ or ‘are you still watching’ warning pop up at least twice a day!

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that you are due to have your baby. But this comes with so many uncertainties as the last place you want to go is to the hospital where the amazing staff are looking after the awfully unfortunate people who have been exposed to this horrible virus. The aim of this blog post is to put your mind at ease, following my recent experience of having a baby during lock down, by letting you know that it wasn’t that bad.

At Home

Being home, locked-in, not allowed to do anything outside whilst you and your partner are pregnant, can be a very stressful time. The closer you get to your due date the harder it gets. The same day, everyday, for the foreseeable future. Luckily when your reading this, lock-down has become more and more lenient, meaning you are allowed to do a lot more with your time.

When we were in the last stages of pregnancy we were locked up for weeks. Shannan was getting fed up with sitting in front of the TV all day without seeing the outside world, whereas I didn’t mind it too much as I got to watch all the TV I wanted to, which I guess depends on the kind of person you are.

The best part about this time at home was that we were able to spend a lot of time together. Which in turn meant we got to get our nursery all set up and ready for our babies arrival. My advice would be to enjoy the time where you can relax and do what you want to do, as when your baby arrives, you will be stripped of this privilege.


We started to have our antenatal classes towards the end of freedom. This meant we managed to attend at least one, which was one too many for my liking, as the following were cancelled. For those who are disappointed that they are going to miss the classes (usually mum) then they do offer video call classes so you can get the necessary information that you were going to miss.

Make sure that you still contact the midwives as they will still want to do their regular checks. During the end of our pregnancy I was not allowed to attend the appointments so Shannan had to go on her own. This wasn’t too much of an issue as we had been to all the important ones like the first scan. Unfortunately Andy did not have that privilege. He was not able to attend the first scan of his unborn daughter, the midwife could not write the gender down so they could find out together and he won’t be able to hear his daughters heart-beat at later appointments.

I’m certain that this is the hardest part about being pregnant during lock-down as these are things you are supposed to enjoy together. You are supposed to look over at each other with the biggest smile on your face when you first see your baby in black and white. The fact that you can take scan pictures home and record the heart-beat on your phone is a silver lining on an unfortunate situation.

It’s Time

When we were heading to the hospital we didn’t know what to expect. This is the part we had been worrying about the most. On arrival I was not allowed in. I had to go back to the car with all of Shannan’s bags, wait until I got the green light from Shannan, when I then went and met her in the birthing suite. Luckily for us, I was only sat there for about an hour whilst Shannan had an examination, as it could of been much longer if she wasn’t ready to give birth but wanted to keep her on a ward.

Due to Covid-19, Shannan was only allowed one birthing partner, where she originally wanted her mum there too. This meant all the responsibility to cater for Shannan’s every need was in my hands. A responsibility I personally thought I excelled at. Luckily you won’t hear Shannan’s opinion on that one so just take my word for it!

Once I was allowed to go and meet back up with Shannan things changed. You no longer felt like you were in lock-down. The midwives wore masks but that was the only sign that something was different. I can honestly say that the staff were amazing at making sure we felt comfortable and that everything went as smoothly as possible. I would say to anyone, don’t worry about going into hospital, as it was brilliant from start to finish. That said, Shannan may have a different opinion as she was there to give birth to another human!

The first night was difficult. I had to say goodbye to my whole world. My daughters first night and I couldn’t be there to see her and to help Shannan with anything she may need, especially after going through something so tough. The day after, during visiting hours, sent everything back to normal and the hospital was a little bubble outside the world of Covid-19.

We finally managed to bring Penelope home at around 2pm that day. And have been loving life with her. Even though we are still living in very strange and uncertain times. But nothing is going to ruin this for us and it shouldn’t ruin it for you either!